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Version 5.0


about system

ScudCRM 5.0 - is a new generation of the system and the next stage of development. The versatility of the system is proven by time and a large number of different implementations in different business models. It is a product for working with large amounts of data and heavy workloads. On this time its more than just a CRM system, it is a system of storage, management, data control and business processes.

The system is constantly updated and developed.

ScudCRM 5.0 - This SaaS solution is implemented using PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology. This means that the system will run on any device where there is an Internet and a browser.

The technical base of the system is constantly scaled to ensure stable and comfortable operation of end users

we provide

  • Free project development and implementation
  • Support
  • Adapt system to all devices
  • System Security and Stability
  • Loyalty to each customer

Using ScudCRM 5.0 , you get a trusted partner to support and support business-critical processes

Implementation steps

  • Stage of approvals
    • Contact Us
    • Dating
    • Terms of Reference
    • Reconciliation of responsible persons
    • Signing a contract
  • Development Stage
    • Development
    • Verification
    • Adjustment
    • Testing
  • Implementation phase
    • Staff Training
    • Getting Started
    • Defect detection
    • Adjustment
  • Stage of use
    • Support

Terms of Use and Cost

The system is provided for use only. The company does not set limits on the number of system users.

The cost of use is negotiable and depends on the complexity of the project and the time spent on its implementation.

The cost of use includes:
  • All work on the integration of the system into the company's business processes
  • Maintenance of the system in working condition
  • Kernel Update and System Configuration
  • Setting up and / or granting access to store a backup on the Customer's server
  • VoIP Telephony Settings
  • SLA support at least 99.5%
Additional Information
  • All rights to ScudCRM 5.0 software remain with the developer
  • Only the rights to use this software are transferred to the customer
  • Software code not granted


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